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It is the responsibility of the student to provide the school with the following:

  • Immunization Record
  • Name of parents and/or guardians
  • Address and telephone numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • 2 Proofs of residency (for new or transfer students)
  • Utility bill for place of residence and
  • Current rental lease or
  • Current real estate contract
  • Accurate previous school records.

Only students residing in Putnam County and who are living with their parent or legal guardian are eligible to attend Monterey High School, with the exception of students from Overton County who  meet Board of Education policies.

In compliance with Section I, TCA 15-305, school records are released only with the written consent of the student or his parent or guardian.  Once a student reaches 18 years of age, he or she becomes the custodian of his or her record and can sign for release. Parents and/or guardians  of students may inspect and review educational records upon request.

The Tennessee Department of Education has implemented the Tennessee Diploma Project (TDP) for those students who are entering high school during the Fall of 2009.  The TDP includes a broad overhaul of standards and curriculum designed to challenge students and better prepare students for college and the work force.  The freshmen of 2009 will be required to earn 22 credits to receive a high school diploma.  They also will experience a more rigorous curriculum with a fourth math requirement, an additional PE credit, and a credit in personal finance.  These students will also be required to earn three credits in a chosen focus area.  Gateway exams will be replaced by End of Course exams and students will be required to take the PLAN test and the ACT.
These changes will not affect the requirements of the graduating classes of 2011, and 2012.  They will still meet the required 21 credits to receive a high school diploma and will fulfill the requirements of their chosen pathways.

In order to be promoted to the next grade, high school students must complete and/or accrue the prescribed number of credits (Carnegie units) per grade level designated by the Board of Education and the State of Tennessee.
  5 credits (Carnegie units) or more at the end of 9th grade
10 credits (Carnegie units) or more at the end of 10th grade
15 credits (Carnegie units) or more at the end of 11th grade
 21 credits (Carnegie units) or more at the end of 12th grade

Credits (Carnegie units) include the passing of required courses as set forth by the Board and the State of Tennessee.  To gain credit, students must meet the attendance requirements and achieve a grade of at least 70 percent.


The Putnam County Board of Education recognizes letter and numerical grades as follows:
                                                93 - 100                 A
                                                85 -  92                  B
                                                75 -  84                  C
                                                70 -  74                  D
                                                Below 70               F

Progress reports will be sent home at the 4 1/2 and 13 1/2 week point of each term.  Report cards are issued each nine weeks.

The Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be determined by the graduating seniors with the highest QPA (weighted scale).  Class rank will also be determined by the weighted scale.  Extra points are added to AP classes and Honors classes.  This weighted scale is used for ranking purposes only.  The official college GPA is based on the following point system:  A - 4 points, B - 3 points, C - 2 points, D - 1 point, F - 0 points. In the event of a tie, class rank will be determined by using weighted numerical grades.

To become Valedictorian or Salutatorian, a student must be enrolled in Monterey High School at least 5 consecutive semesters before the official ranking and GPA is calculated.  The final semester is not used to determine this official QPA.  Students are considered to be Honors graduates who have a 3.0 or higher official GPA and will be honored at graduation as an Honor graduate of Monterey High School.

Each year the Putnam county school system sponsors an academic banquet for all seniors who have a 93+ GPA.  This average will not be rounded.  It must be a 93 or above.  Therefore, a student who is actually graduating with Honors status because they have the 3.0+  GPA might not be eligible for this banquet if their average is below a 93.  They would still be considered an Honors graduate but would not be eligible to attend the county academic banquet.


A change of course may be requested by a student during the first two (2) days of a term. The change must be approved by the counselor after the counselor confers with the student and teacher.
No changes will be made after the first two (2) days of the term; however, if a review of the student’s record reveals a deficiency which must be corrected to meet graduation requirements, an administrative placement may be made.


It is the responsibility of students and their parents to ensure that graduation requirements are met. Students must fulfill an approved attendance, conduct, and subject matter record. In addition, the passing of the Gateway exams are required to receive a regular high school diploma.  Beginning with the Graduating Class of 1999, students are required to choose from a two-path curriculum which has been mandated by the State of Tennessee and which will prepare students for a vocational career or college entrance.

Taking part in the graduation exercises is considered a privilege rather than a right.  It is possible to be denied participation in these ceremonies in the event a student’s behavior does not merit this privilege.  Only those students who have met ALL graduation requirements on the day of graduation may participate in graduation activities.  If extenuating circumstances exist at any school, the matter shall be presented to the Board prior to graduation activities.  Any student taking the GED test and passing before the projected graduation date is not permitted to take part in graduation.


English--4 credits
Science--3 credits
Math--3 credits (Algebra I required)
LTW--1 credit
Economics—1/2 credit
US Government—1/2 credit
US History--1 credit
World Geography or World History--1 credit
Foreign Language (College Bound)--2 credits
Fine Arts (College Bound)--1 credit

Electives or other non-required courses will be offered for students to choose.  These courses and credits may change from year to year.  Students enrolled in the Tech Prep path must have four (4) credits in one (1) vocational area in order to graduate.  These areas are Family & Consumer Science, Construction, Business, and vocational courses at Cookeville High School (see counselor for list of these courses).

Beginning with the Class of 2013 the following credits are required for graduation:
English--4 credits
Science--3 credits
Math--4 credits
PE and LTW—1.5 credit
Social Studies--3 credits
Foreign Language--2 credits
Fine Arts--1 credit
Personal Finance--.5 credit
Elective Focus—3 credits

Every student should check periodically with the counselor to make sure he/she has the credits and courses needed for graduation.  As long as one term grade is 65 or better, grades from each term may be averaged together to make a 70 average.  Any class with an average below 65 must be repeated.


Students who plan to graduate early (summer school, after fall term, or three years) from Putnam County Schools must confer with their school counselor.  A student who has completed all state and local requirements for graduation is eligible for early graduation.  Each student applying for early graduation shall complete an Early Graduation Request Form.  The student, his/her parents, the school counselor, and the building principal must sign the form.  In case of a dispute, the director of schools shall have final authority.  Once graduation requirements are met and the student is granted early release, the student is considered an alumnus and shall not participate in further school activities or functions except the student has the option of attending prom and/or graduation exercises. Students choosing to attend these school-sponsored events must conform to the same rules and regulations required of regularly enrolled students of the district and it is their responsibility to know and meet all deadlines of these events. Students who choose early graduation will remain eligible for scholarships for which they qualify.  It is the student’s responsibility to stay in contact with the school about potential scholarships and their deadlines and other dates and deadlines that may apply to them.



Summer school shall be organized and operated as part of the public school program, shall be under the control and management of the Putnam County Board of Education,  shall comply with rules and regulations of the Tennessee State Board of Education, and shall be for those students enrolled the previous school year in Putnam County Schools.  The summer school program, subject to annual approval by the Board, shall provide opportunities for instruction at the elementary and secondary level.  The board shall annually determine the tuition rates.   All summer school classes shall meet on school property, and any exceptions must be approved by the Board.  The library, laboratories, and other facilities shall be made available to all students enrolled in the summer school program.
A student may enroll in summer school, grades 9-12, provided absences do not exceed fifteen (15) per term, the final grade is fifty (50) or above, and enrollment for the previous year was in Putnam County Schools.  No more than one (1) unit shall be earned during any summer session.  One hundred percent attendance is required in secondary summer school.  Any time missed must be made up in its entirety or the student will be dropped from summer school.  A passing summer school grade can replace a failing semester grade.


Various standardized tests are given throughout the year as required by the State of Tennessee.  Beginning in 2001-2002, students in the ninth grade will have to pass Gateway Exit Exams in Math, Science, and English prior to graduation to earn a high school diploma.  Any student who does not pass this test will receive an Incomplete in the course until the test is passed. Preparation is important for the student to succeed. The student should eat a good breakfast on the test day, have proper rest, and bring necessary supplies. Attendance is very important. Encourage the student to do the very best possible. So that you can prepare your child properly for the tests, the following  approximate dates are given:

  • ACT (American College Testing): months of October,December, February, April, and June.
  • Writing Assessment for grade 11: February
  • End of Course Exams – April and May
  • AP Exams - May

Check with the guidance counselor for specific dates.


A student wil be exempt from the semester test if he or she meets the following criteria:
                                An A average and no more than 3 days absent
                                A   B average and no more than 2 days absent
                                A   C average and no more than 1 day absent
                                A   D  average and 0 days absent.
Exemption will be based on semester average.
The 4th tardy will equal a day absent for exam exemption purposes! All students will take the 1st and 3rd nine weeks cumulative exams but the students ay earn exemption from the first and second semester exams if they meet the above criteria.


According to the Putnam County Board of Education, students who have completed all graduation requirements will be awarded a regular diploma. Students who desire to graduate with Honors must complete the required courses and maintain an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.


  • A maximum of one visit per semester will be allowed for seniors only. The visits are not attendance exemptions.  They will count as an excused absence. 
  • Students must notify the office and teachers 4 days in advance of the visit, using the form obtained from the counselor.
  • Makeup work must be obtained before the visit.
  • Students must report to the admissions office for written verification of the visit to be returned to the school office on the next school day following the visit.


It is the responsibility of the students to check promptly with their teachers concerning make-up work. Following an excused absence, students have the number of days absent plus one (not to exceed 5 days total) to make up the work or make arrangements with the teachers for its completion.  Students who plan to miss classes because of their participation in approved school activities should plan ahead and request assignments in advance from their teachers.


Records will be held until  a student fulfills all financial obligations and returns any equipment, books, or picture proofs to the appropriate teacher.  Mr. Vaughn will collect debts at each year-end end students are given a receipt clearing their obligation.



The bookstore will be open from 7:45 to 8:00 a.m. daily.  Students need to purchase their school supplies during this time.  The bookstore sells items such as pencils, pens, paper, rulers, disks, cover sheets for reports, and many more items.


Breakfast will be served daily from 7:30 to 8:00 am.  Brunch is available to the students during their morning break. Lunch will be served between the hours of 11:00 and 1:30 with the students eating during their respective class periods.  The weekly menu may be found in the local newspapers on Thursday.

Free and reduced lunches are available to those students who qualify.  Applications for these programs are available on the first day of school in the cafeteria or office.  Printable versions are available on the web site listed below.  The application needs to be filled out quickly and returned to the cafeteria.  Please note that each child has to qualify for the program each year. 

Banking Money in the cafeteria is a program the county school system started in 1996.   This allows students to bring money for an entire week or month and give it to the cafeteria cashier.  The computer stores the balance and automatically deducts the amount used each time the student comes into the cafeteria.  The computer will then keep a running balance.  The only requirement for students to use the Banking Money program is that they must know their last four (4) digits of their social security numbers.  A price for breakfast and lunches will be included in the student packet. Deposits may also be made into student accounts from the convenience of home using either a debit or credit card.  Service is provided by Pay Pal and will include a $1.50 fee per transaction.  Parents will also be able to view student account activity and monitor account balance at no charge.  The web address is:

Charging of meals is discouraged because the Federal Government only recognizes Free, Reduced and Paid meals.  No child will be denied a meal because they do not fit in the recognized categories.

1.  Charge letters will be sent to parents of students with negative account
     balances at least once per week.  Students are responsible for delivery of
     these letters.
2.  A history transaction on any student account will be provided upon request
     by parent.
3.  Any charges over $15.50 will be reported to central office Child Nutrition
     office for collection.  Every attempt to collect charges will be made by
    Child Nutrition Manager and Principal.
4.  Minimum standard meal will be provided to students with charge balances
     of $15.50 (K-6) or $6.70 (7-12).
5.  There will absolutely be no charging after May 1.
6.  Parents, teachers, visitors, and adult charges are prohibited.
7.  A la Carte charges are prohibited.


The library is open from 7:20am to 3:15 pm each day.  It is also open at least one day a week until 5:15pm.  The library houses almost 7,000 volumes, 30 magazines and two newspapers.  Magazines and newspapers are for use in the library only.

Books may be checked out at the circulation desk for two weeks with one renewal privilege.  A fine of 10 cents per day is automatically charged for late books.  Students may check out two Accelerated Reader books at a time.  A total of three books may be checked out by anyone doing research.  Any student who loses a book will be required to pay replacement cost.  Reference books stay in the library.

Lost and found is located in the library.  All items that are turned in to the office will remain there for ten (10) days.  After ten days, all items will be disposed.

Textbooks are furnished by the state and county and are issued at the beginning of the school year.  All students and their parents are required to sign a form stating that they will reimburse the Putnam County Board of Education in the event that books are badly damaged, destroyed, or misplaced by the student.  A current price list will be kept in the office.  Grades will be withheld and graduation denied until appropriate settlement is made concerning any lost or damaged textbooks.

Lockers are located on the sides of the main corridors and will be assigned by your teacher at the beginning of the school year.  Students are required to keep their lockers in good condition at all times.  Under no circumstances should money or valuables be kept in your locker.  Lockers are the property of the school and may be inspected at any time.  Any item found in the student’s locker is the responsibility of the student. All students should place a lock on their lockers.  It is the responsibility of the student to furnish his or her own lock. Fees will be assessed for exterior or interior damage or defacement of lockers.  Students are required to keep outer garments and clear or mesh backpacks stored in their lockers.


Absentee - Verification Mr. Pierce/Mrs. Farley
Check In/Out Mrs. Phillips
Announcements Ms. Nixon
Car Registration/Parking Mr. Pierce
Career/ Vocational Information Mrs. Pauli
Class Schedules Mrs. Pauli
Suspensions Mr. Pierce
Disciplinary Matters              Mr. Pierce
First Aid Mrs. Mackie
Free and Reduced Lunches Cafeteria Workers
Scholarship Information      Mrs. Pauli
New students Mrs. Pauli
Counseling Mrs. Pauli
College and School Visitation             Mrs. Pauli
Athletics Mr. Pierce


Monterey High School maintains very high standards for the students that choose to participate in any club, organization, and/or athletics.  Not only are the standards high on the athletic field and in the classroom, but high standards are also expected in the daily life of our students.  Our students’ behavior is always in the watchful eye of the community and the surrounding area.  We also have very high expectations in the classroom, stressing academics before athletics or any club activity. 

A student may participate in athletics as long as the student has not failed the previous year or has passed five (5) out of six (6) courses the semester before participation.  Athletes must remain in good academic and attendance standing during the school year. All athletes must sign an academic and conduct contractual obligation. Disciplinary infractions may result in the dismissal from participation in athletics or serving as a class or club officer.  Students who qualify need to contact the appropriate advisor if interested in participating in any club, organization, or athletic program.

Any student desiring to hold a class office must have a 90 average and must not have been suspended 1 year previously.  Once elected, the student must maintain a “C” average during the term of office.  There will be four (4) officers for each class consisting of a class president, vice-president, secretary, and a treasurer.

Student organizations are an extension of the academic curriculum and are intended to complement the basic instructional program, provide opportunities for the development of leadership, and offer service to the community.  The principal, in cooperation with the faculty and student body representatives, shall approve all clubs and organizations within the school.  An approved copy of the aims, objectives, and constitution for each organization will be kept on file in the principal’s office.

One or more staff members will serve as sponsors of each club and will attend all meetings.  Each sponsor will evaluate the club’s service and make recommendations concerning changes, continuance, or deletion from the school’s activity program.  The nature of any initiation shall be outlined and presented in writing to the club sponsor and the principal of the school for approval prior to actual initiation.  Hazing of students is strictly prohibited.  Any organization which permits an initiation to go beyond the scope of activities planned and previously approved will be suspended until reinstated by the principal.
Sororities, fraternities, and all secret organizations are prohibited.

The following guidelines shall be followed in administering the student activities program:

  • The Board of Education shall initially approve each specific extracurricular activity so that proper support and supervision may be assured.
  • The principal, after obtaining the recommendation of the faculty and the superintendent, shall determine which clubs and organizations will be permitted.
  • Each student activity must be under the guidance and direction of a certificated staff member.
  • All student activities must have the approval of the principal.
  • Student activities occurring before or after regularly scheduled school hours must be under the supervision of the principal or his/her designee.
  • Secret organizations shall not be operated in any school.
  • A student shall not be required to attend a school-sponsored student activity that is scheduled at a time which conflicts with his/her religious practices.
  • School-sponsored student activities during vacation periods shall be restricted to regularly scheduled athletic programs and major events which cannot be scheduled otherwise.
  • Student groups shall not participate in state or national activities which are not listed as approved activities by regional accrediting associations or state and national principals’ associations without the approval of the superintendent.
  • A student on out-of-school suspension shall not be permitted to participate in school-sponsored activities.
  • Activities which restrict participation because of race, color, religion, sex, disabilities, or national origin are forbidden.
  • Activities sponsored by outside groups or agents will be approved only if they are co-sponsored by the school.

A student-athlete must have played in 20 % of the varsity season in order to qualify to receive a varsity letter at the end of the season.  Example:   10 games x 20% = 2 games or 8 quarters and/or completion of the season in a particular sport.

Any student-athlete who signs out on game day longer than 30 minutes during the school day will be counted absent and will not be able to participate in the game.  When a student-athlete signs out to leave school, he/she will need a doctor’s note, a court notice, or approval by the administration in order to be eligible to participate in the athletic contest that day.


Monterey High School athletics are governed by Board Policy and the TSSAA.  All student-athletes must complete a TSSAA physical form prior to first day of practice and have proof of insurance.  If this is not completed and turned in to the head coach, the student-athlete cannot participate in any activities.

The TSSAA rules require the following:

  • The student shall have made a passing grade in the preceding five out of six subjects or their equivalency, provided the student is in class five  days a week.
  • A student shall be regularly enrolled, in regular attendance, and carry at least five full courses per term.
  • A student shall be ineligible to compete in any sport if he or she attended a  secondary school or schools for eight semesters of four and one-half months each. Attendance of forty school days of any semester shall be regarded as a “semester” under this rule.
  • No student shall be eligible to participate in any athletic contest during any school year if he or she becomes nineteen years of age on or before September 1.

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